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2022 CABIN FEVER  Speaker Handouts

Click on each underlined session topic below to open the speaker's handout.  Several speakers will not use handouts for their presentations.




Jim Ullrich                   KNOX CELLARS - Bee Printout Facts PLUS Calendar.docx



Tim Kohlhauff             C110 Pruning Deciduous Shrubs format update 21.pdf


                                          C111 Pruning Evergreens format update 21.pdf

Cathi Lamoreux          Finding Resiliency in Nature Resources.docx



Kris Major                   Brochure Materials_single.pdf


                                          Home Composting Brochure.pdf

                                          Trouble Shooting guide Klickitat County.pdf

Robin O'Quinn           Gardening with Natives:  Simple Propagation Techniques



Troy Peters, PhD



Mark Stiltz         


Trace Vaughan           

                                          Habitat assessment guide for yards and gardens:



                                          Buying bee safe plants:



                                          Link to Pollinator Conservation Resource Center to get access to plant lists and guides:


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