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All plants purchased from a greenhouse need a period of adjustment to outdoor conditions. Please see hardening off instructions below.


Do not plant your new vegetable or annual plants before the frost-free date for your area. Typically, in Spokane that is mid-to late May. Most warm season transplants (peppers and eggplants) should not go out into the garden before June 1st unless you are going to protect them.

Transplants must be “hardened off” gradually before planting out in the garden. This is accomplished by exposing plants to increasing amounts of cold, sunlight and wind.

  • At first, place them outside in a sheltered, shady area. If that is not available lattice, shade cloth or row cover can be used. Bring them back inside at night to protect from cold and frost.

  • Gradually increase exposure a few hours over 7 - 10 days before transplanting. (C104, below)



Please see the following WSU sites for more information:

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