Wednesday, February 24

7:00-8:30 pm (PST)

This year's Cabin Fever Gardening Symposium will be held virtually beginning on February 24 at 7:00 pm (PST) with the keynote presentation from Karen Chapman.  A series of  12 classes  follows for the next three weeks and are scheduled on Monday and Wednesday evenings.   Your ticket this year includes access to all 12 classes, a Friday chat room after each week's speakers, and a Keynote presentation from Karen Chapman.  Many class sessions will be available by recording after the event concludes and for a month's period of time.  Check the Class Schedule for specific dates and times.  Cost is $50 per ticket.

Introducing Our Keynote Speaker:  Karen Chapman

Karen Chapman will present the keynote for the 2021 Cabin Fever Gardening Symposium.  With a lifetime's gardening experience, training as a Certified Professional Horticulturalist and over ten years as an award-winning designer, author and presenter, Karen will provide attendees with worthwhile garden design ideas during the keynote entitled "How to Create Captivating Gardens".  As an added bonus, she will teach one of the classes about how to co-exist with the deer in your garden.  She is certain to draw upon information from her most recent book, Deer-Resistant Design that can be purchased using the button below. 


Mark your calendar for the starting day of our symposium - Wednesday, February 24.  You won't want to miss Karen's gardening advice or her lovely English accent!

 Click the "Class Schedule" button for a schedule of this year's symposium classes and get your tickets with the EVENT TICKETS button below.



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This spring 2021 the Master Gardeners will sponsor the annual Garden Fair & Plant Sale by appointment only.  New members in 2021 will receive notice for "Early Appointment Sign-up plus a 10% Discount" at the sale.  Don't miss this bargain!  


This book has been written to encourage and inspire homeowners with stories and photographs of mature landscapes that have withstood the test of time and taste-testing of deer. It showcases 13 gardens across the United States that successfully co-exist with wildlife without resorting to fences or pouring concrete in despair. Each chapter features one tenacious gardener and tells the story of their garden, describing their personal design criteria, the challenges they face, and the strategies they employ as they refuse to be thwarted or compromise on their vision. Each homeowner also includes their favorite "Top 10 deer-resistant plants"; that's 130 inspirational starting points for you to consider.

Featured gardens are from : WA, OR, MI, TX, NC, NJ, NY,

Bonus chapter: 20 deer-resistant container gardens

Create a foliage-driven garden that dazzles!

The beauty of flowers is seductive, but flowers, by their fleeting nature, are a fickle base to provide long-lasting gardens with year-round interest. Tackle this problem with the advice in Gardening with Foliage First. Learn how to first build a framework of foliage and then layer in flowers and other artistic elements to add the finishing touches. This simple, recipe-style approach to garden design features 127 combinations for all seasons and both sunny and shady gardens that will work for a variety of climates and garden challenges, including deer, dry shade, and more.


Price is $26.99 and can be preordered from Susan's website both from local book sellers and Amazon.

Susan Mulvihill’s brand-new book, The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook, will help you identify the bugs that are munching on your vegetable plants as well as the beneficial bugs in your garden. Designed for all gardeners – from beginning to expert gardeners – this book looks closely at the most commonly-seen pests: each profile includes photos of their life stages and what their damage looks like, pest descriptions, their life cycle, the crops they’re typically seen on, their natural predators, and effective organic products and methods for controlling them. There is a massive diagnostic chart for narrowing down which pest is causing the damage, descriptions of organic products and techniques, and do-it-yourself projects for making traps, barriers, row cover hoops, covered raised beds, and insect hotels. This book is packed with research-based information you can rely on and will help you be successful at growing your own food! 

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