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As we progress through summer, the Master Gardener Foundation of Spokane County will offer two more entertaining and educational events for your viewing pleasure.  The Covid restrictions continue to impact our ability to provide in-person events so we will make the best of the circumstances and continue online.


The Summer and Fall sessions of the 2021 Conversations On Nature series will feature experienced gardeners speaking on the general topic of nurturing your gardens throughout the season.  In August our speaker will discuss how to best add ornamental grasses to your garden and how to save and preserve blooms for later decorative use.  Our final session in October will be a live, hands-on event making a table decoration using dried florals, natural components, and succulents to liven up your home decor. We're hoping you will enjoy this session as a fun way to wrap up the growing season!


Please join us as we spend time together making our gardens our own!

Nurturing Your Garden Throughout the Season...  

May 20    7 - 8:45 pm 

Lynn Pachelli.jpg

 Annuals & Herbs:  Add Zing and Spark

to Your Perennial Garden

While many perennial gardens are beautiful in their own right, the addition of annuals can add a pop of color or a zing of texture without having to commit for the long-term. Annuals can be used as fillers while the perennials grow to their mature size. Even better, many annuals reseed, meaning that you can enjoy their spark for more than one growing season. We'll also discuss how to incorporate herbs in the perennial bed to keep things interesting.

Presented Earlier

Lynn Pachelli

Pamela Brown head shot.png

Evaluating Your Site is the First Step Toward Your Wonderful Garden

This presentation will cover how to analyze the physical conditions of your garden before planning the changes.  We will discuss the many reasons for careful, "slow" site analysis, and effective methods of recording your observations. We will have video demonstrations, look at resources for environmental information, and cover some great project strategies helpful for both new garden planners and keepers of mature gardens. 

Presented Earlier

Pamela Brown

August 19    7 - 8:45 pm 

MLLoyd headshot.jpg

Ornamental Grasses for the Pacific Northwest

There are many ornamental grasses that are adaptable to the Inland Northwest and take little effort to grow.  A large variety of grasses do grow well in our area.  In addition to decorative uses, some add fall and winter interest to our landscape.  Another advantage of ornamental grasses is  that many are pest and animal resistant.  Photographs of some of the grasses grown locally will be included.  This presentation will show that there are grasses for almost any landscape situation.  

Presented Earlier

Marilyn Lloyd

Beth Mort headshot.jpeg

Beth Mort

Kim Lango photo.jpeg

Kim Lango

Harvesting and Preserving Florals From Your Garden


Learn about some favorite flower varieties in our area that are especially good for drying and preserving. We will share growing and harvesting tips in addition to techniques to preserve blooms for dried flower crafts.

Presented Earlier

October 7    7 - 8:45 pm 

Pumpkin Centerpiece with Succulents & Dried Florals


Even after frost coats our gardens ushering in the cold winter, we can preserve the bounty of the summer garden with dried flowers & create beautiful designs to bring warmth & festivity to our homes.  In this class, we will create a bespoke Centerpiece using decorative Pumpkins, succulents and dried flowers. Succulent Pumpkins last throughout the Fall season. After the centerpiece is past its usefulness, you can replant the succulents, for indoor use.    

We will also discuss how to grow & dry the florals that we will be working with.  

Presented Earlier

SPECIAL NOTE:  Registrations for August 19 and October 7 will close Thursday at

11:30 am PT.

Single Session:   $25

2 Evening Series:   $45

You will be directed to the Give Lively website for ticket purchase and payment.  Major credit and debit cards are accepted.


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