Master Gardeners are university trained volunteers who teach research-based gardening information to the community including sustainable practices protecting the soil, water and air.   To ensure these public services from the Master Gardener program continue, the Master Gardener Foundation of Spokane County fundraises to support the program.

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About Master Gardeners

The first Master Gardener program started in Washington state in the early 1970's when homeowners began requesting more accurate horticultural information and better advice about sustainable gardening practices.

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Announcing Conversations on

Nature 2021

As we progress from spring through fall this year, the Master Gardener Foundation is offering three entertaining and educational events for your viewing pleasure. The 2021 series of Conversations on Nature will feature experienced gardeners speaking on the general topic of nurturing your gardens throughout the season.

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We have many ways you can help us generate the funds needed to support Master Gardener program in Spokane County and continue the public services it provides.

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The Board of Directors for the Master Gardener Foundation is an outstanding team of individuals.  Find out who leads the organization.

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